Our Pyramid of Happiness

In Sureville Montessori School, we visualise your child's early development as a series of foundation stones and building blocks.
We put these in place; step by step, in order to achieve ultimate goal of happiness. It is on this pyramid structure that we base the FUNdamental programmes.
We have love, security and fun that we provide for your child as the underpinning foundations on the pyramid.
We achieve this using purposeful play and activities that contribute directly to your child's physical, emotional and intellectual development.

About Us

Welcome to Sureville Montessori School

An educational facility with ideals built on child centered learning and located at Westend Estate, off Lekky County Homes Estate Rd. Lekki – lagos.

; Our goal is to offer discerning parents with a safe, affordable and high quality education for children aged 0-11 years using the 21st century learning skills.
We provide stimulating and exciting learning environment where every child is motivated to develop at own pace. We pursue a broad-based curriculum and a teacher/learner system that recognizes individual pupil’s weaknesses and strengths.

Our broad-based curriculum covers British and Nigerian content. Our programmes, processes of learning and the environment are all child-friendly.

Sureville Schools is enlisted on Microsoft Education Platform, where the pupils’ cognitive, communicative, creative and collaborative skills are enhanced through a well-articulated content in context programming activities and all-round ICT Education. We prepare our pupils for Microsoft Office Specialist Exams (MOS).

Our programme’s pedigree in delivering qualitative and total education makes us the first choice of every discerning parent. Our access to experienced, dedicated and stable staff contribute to continuity in our programmes. We engage our children in a wide range of sporting activities, games, and quizzes, Lego Education, Music, Arts (Drawing and Painting), and scientific experiments in the Science Laboratory.

Our History


Sureville Montessori School is a prestigious center of learning, a montessori, private nursery and primary school, founded by Mrs Eugene-Akhere Genevieve.
The school opened her door to providing educational services on 18th September 2006 at Km 22, lekki Epe Express way, Lagos. The school witnessed with a deep sense of joy a total registration of eighteen pupils and staff strength of nine, inclusive of the head of school at commencement.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Best all-round quality education.
  2. Quality education at affordable price.
  3. Spacious, comfortable and lively environment.
  4. Efficient transport system for pupils.
  5. Interactive white boards.
  6. Dedicated and hard-working staff.
  7. Computer laboratory with internet facility.
  8. Lego Education.
  9. Science Laboratory for exciting discoveries.
  10. Well-equiped playground for kids recreation.

Our Staff

At Sureville Montessori School, we don't just teach; we offer exceptional experience to pupils in learning with our numerous hands-on skill-oriented programmes. Our staff are experienced, hardworking and heart-warming individuals.

Your child's education needs a sure and solid foundation, and foundation is laid only once

Our phonics programme has been very successful and our pupils are able to achieve 'reading' at age 3, in the first stage of nursery; and fluent reading before they finally move from nursery two to grade one.

So get it right now at
Sureville Montessori School.


Our pupils are outstanding in moral, numeric and communication skills. They are excited and active learners. We immerse them in a rigorous liberal academic curriculum with an uncompromising emphasis on the development of thinking skills.


To develop in our pupils academic and moral excellence, using the best available resources, in an environment of sure love and care.


To nurture our children to face adult life with confidence by providing a sure and solid foundation through the best available educational programmes, and inculcating in them the value for hard work as the bedrock of tomorrow’s success.

Core Values

Love, Integrity, Team Spirit, Hard Work, Diligence, Respect For Self and Others

Code of Honour

I shall not lie, I shall not cheat, I shall not steal, I will respect myself, my teachers, every other person in the school and the school herself. I will pay attention in class and always do my assignments. So help me God.

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