Management's Welcome

Mrs. Eugene-Akhere Genevieve

Director of Schools

Sureville Montessori School

I t is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the official website of Sureville Montessori School. I am delighted to be associated with such an exciting and vibrant school, which offers great opportunities for the nursery and primary school pupils.

Our goal is to make each pupil succeed. Our 21st century learning facilities and dedicated staff enable us deliver our programs in an environment that is caring, friendly and attuned to specific educational needs.

I am grateful to God that finally, I am able to follow my passion. I love kids and I have always had the passion to work with children. I think I took that from my father, who was a teacher for many years.
I graduated in 1990 from the university of Benin. I was posted to Lagos State for National Youth Service Corps and subsequently after our orientation camp, I was deployed to one of the state secondary schools for youth service but my fiancee then, now my husband talked me into serving with a bank. He actually helped me through with the processes of having me redeployed to the Manufactures Merchant Bank which was later converted to a commercial bank and renamed MannyBank.

At the end of my service year in 1991, I was offered employment by the bank, while at the bank work, I desired to do what I actually loved - work with children, but my husband did not share that view.

However, as God would have it, in the new year of 2005, he gave me his consent and I started to plan my exit from the bank job. By January, 2006, I quit the job to set up Sureville Montessori School in September 2006.

Mr. Omoniyi Fajana

Head of Schools

Sureville Montessori School

I welcome you all to Sureville Montessori School, Sureville Schools was established to provide discerning parents with a distinct chioce of a family school where their children can have the best all-round qualitative education at an affordable price.
The school is open to all children of ages 0-11 years, irrespective of tribe, colour or nationality.
Our Pupils develop socially and are exposed to a range of skills and learning experinces.