Our Classes

Our pupils don't miss anything happening because their attentions are held with technology through our numerous facilities and programmes. Interactive white boards are in use in all classrooms from pre-school one to grade 6. The use of TALKING PEN in the classrooms is another amazing factor that has contributed to building the listening skills of the pupils.

ICT Programmes

We have raised the bar for Sureville ICT programmes with our enrollment into Microsoft Imagine Academy.

Lego Education

Our pupils enjoy their minutes with a superior experience that enhances their cognitive, communicative and collaborative skills.

Junior Lego

The Junior kids are not left out of the benefits that come from engaging their hands and minds in the Lego room.

Tennis Court

We have beautiful Tennis Court facilities for both senior and junior pupils. Our tennis court, as an indoor game, provides a fun way for the kids to spend their leisure time with their friends.

Our Art Programme

Our Art Programme is geared towards bringing out the hidden skills of the pupils and their appreciation for color, design and nature.

Our Montessori

In our Montessori Lab, our pupils sit back to enjoy practical skills as basic personal life exercises offer exciting moments for the pupils.

The Playground

Break-time is a time loved by every pupil. We make sure that the kids enjoy every bit of their break time in a safe and serene environment, with adults to watch over them.

Science Laboratory

Pupils verify in practical terms, with excitement, most of what they've been taught in Science Classes.

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