Events this term

  1. First Term Resumption:
    The Xmas term begins on the 16th of September
    Pupils are expected back in school promptly as academics commence immediately.

  2. Independence Day: 1st October.
    The school celebrates our annual National Independence Day, all pupils are to dress in a touch of green or white.

  3. Mid-term Test: 21st - 25th October.
    Mid-term test runs from 21st till 25 of October. The Mid-term break follows immediately on the 1st of November.

  4. Open Day: 15th November.
    Open Day holds on 15th November, Parents are urged to make out time to supervise their wards in school and interact with their child's teacher.

  5. Exams: 2nd - 6th December.
    Exams run from 2nd - 6th December.

  6. Xmas Party: 12th December.
    Christmas Party is scheduled for the 12th of December, School vacates on the 13th December.


    Any available vacancy will be displayed here.